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Throwback Thursday: Norovirus strikes, June 2013. #tbt #throwbackthursday #yellowstone #yellowstoner

Throwback Thursday: Norovirus strikes, June 2013. #tbt #throwbackthursday #yellowstone #yellowstoner

I bought a diva cup today. I seriously can’t stand anything else, so helpfully this will me feel less dysphoric.

Is it also too much to ask that when I give my mom a list of stuff for Yellowstone I include a jockstrap for packing my packer?


all i know is that i’m constantly tired and i want to sleep next to you


Adventures of Oscar Episode 1



These shows taught me all about animals, science, math, geography, reading, grammar, kindness and friendship. 

This will always be golden 

aww yissss

I can feel the nostalgia ooze into my bloodstream

If I told you I know a dog that might have puppies in the next coming weeks would you want one?

I would so, so love to have a puppy…

…but I will be leaving for Yellowstone National Park to work there for three months. That would not be fair to the little furry one, so at this time, thank you but no thank you. You are very sweet to understand my love/need for a dog.